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A Secret Weapon in Wealth Management

Our EViROCKS AI-based “Isabella” Stock Monitoring Software

Artificial intelligence (AI) stock analysis software is rarer than you might think. Let me introduce you to our AI software called “Isabella”, she has been making AI stock waves in our business.


“Isabella” monitors over 9,000 stocks every day through different segments and provides a Buy, Sell or Hold rating on each stock and also merges all methods in order to give our company and clients the best probability on a stock’s long term movement available today. All AI software needs a lot of computing power to find patterns and make inferences from big data, and “Isabella” is no different.

How Isabella works

“Isabella” reads each stock chart, looks through all chart strategies, and offers a buy, sell or hold ranking, based on the aggregate of all the data she receives. She then scrutinizes over 200 daily media articles, scans for the stock, and analyzes the sentiment in the media for that given stock. An exclusive and proprietary dictionary that weighs each words emotional impact is embedded in the system such that if a set of words around a stocks name is negative, “Isabella” starts counting the number of the negative words listed and, if overwhelming, gives the media content a sell rating on that stock.


Insider traders and professional analyst recommendations are two essential sources of information in our data set; Isabella analyzes data from Insider Buying, and Analyst sentiment to provide another Ranking.

Stocks can be exhibiting a positive momentum, (meaning a rising price over a 50, or 200 day moving average), or bearish momentum, (meaning a lower price movement when price is under a 50, or 200 day moving average), and “Isabella” ranks this information as well.

In other words to get the grasp of momentum, “Isabella” assesses each stocks momentum plus the momentum of the broader indexes, and provide an appropriate ranking.

“Isabella”is capable of searching and analyzing vast amounts of digital data, such as new investment ideas outside of the equities markets, like:

  • Real estate

  • Art

  • Collectibles

  • Commodities

  • And Currencies,

And provide us with a monthly report on a number of new ideas, in order to further diversify out holdings.

What Isabella offers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new evolving trend in the stock market. Old-fashioned trading algorithms were built to exploit definite prospects, whereas the latest algorithms like “Isabella” uses the new AI technologies in order to act as our autonomous agent, taking part in market action, and working 24/7 in a way that humans simply can’t match.


“Isabella” has helped to create a truly diversified portfolio to weather almost any storm. The back-tests of this methodology shows that during market crashes of 40% and more, the “Isabella” managed portfolios only dropped between 12% and 18%, respectively


The last paragraph the work current is missing the letter (t) curren should be current.  If you’d like to learn more, please visit and subscribe for a free quarterly newsletter, where we reveal our portfolio for those wanting to manage their own assets. Disclaimer: Because “Isabella”, is constantly providing suggestions on a daily basis, the portfolio holdings that we share are not the most current

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